Cape Cod's Signs of Spring — We'll be open in April!

We are giving in to seasonal fever and looking everywhere for Cape Cod's signs of spring. It's truly just around the corner! Here at Endless Coast we will be opening our doors in 2024 even earlier. Look for availability dates as of April 12. Yes, that's right, April!

With temperatures usually in the pleasantly chilly 50s and traffic non-existent, it's the best time of year to take a coastal drive. Imagine yourself pulling on a puffer jacket and strolling the crisp beach as the dunes begin to come alive again. Or, watch the trees bud along the rail trail as you zoom by on your bike. Follow up your outing with a brew or two at Bomb Shelter Pub (located at Bookstore & Restaurant, but open year-round).

In a Yankee magazine article over a decade ago, writer Annies Graves described spring in the Outer Cape as "it feels more hometown, less charged, but with an underlying sense of anticipation–like broken-in khakis and a slouchy sweater you can’t wait to pull on." We so agree. It feels like the whole peninsula is pulling on its comfy faves to prepare for the busiest, best season ever!  

Join us early on and you'll also get to see Cape Cod's signs of spring with your own eyes. Signs like blooming daffodils and forsythia, bikes zooming along on the the rail trail, rabbits darting across hiking paths from Eastham to Provincetown.

Spring also is the BEST season to spot spouting whales off the shore or from a boat. Humpbacks migrate near this time of year. Dolphin Fleet's 2:00 pm whale watch tours are now booking for April 15, 2023 and beyond. 

So what are you waiting for?? Book your stay now.



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