Hotel Yoga Classes at Endless Coast

Hotel yoga classes have ended for the season. Join us again in the spring!

Stretch out during your stay at Endless Coast. Take a morning yoga class with Patricia Marlborough of Yoga Wellfleet

Patricia offers a gentle blend of Kripalu and Iyengar. This yoga style will help you focus on your breath and start the day with a clear mind. Reduce stress, tune in to relaxation, and tune up your body for maximum health.

Introducing Hotel Yoga Classes

Our hotel yoga classes are held Wednesdays through Saturdays in our back outdoor recreation area. And, Patricia's gentle and welcoming approach is suitable for all ages and abilities. In addition, she masterfully combines stretch, mindfulness, and challenge in equal measure.

For those new to yoga, the practice has many benefits for both mind and body. Physically, yoga stretches and tones muscles, relaxes chronic tension, improves circulation and leaves one feeling energized and refreshed. Mentally, yoga calms restless thoughts and cultivates concentration. Additionally, it supports mental clarity, confidence, and self-awareness. 

Patricia holds a certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. But, she blends the practice's calm meditative yoga approach with the more challenging Iyengar method. Iyengar focuses on the details of alignment. Patricia's teaching also includes Creative Movement dance. In fact, her classes flow according to the mood and energy level of the group.

Class Details

  • Starting September 1, 2021
  • Concluding October 1, 2021 (starting again in spring 2022)
  • Wednesdays-Saturdays
  • 8:30-9:30 am (weather permitting)
  • $15 per person (additional $1 to rent a yoga mat)
  • Payments made directly to instructor via cash/PayPal

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