Insider Info: Provincetown's Hidden Trails

The trails highlighted in Cape Cod National Seashore's guide are fantastic, but they get, understandably, a little busy in the summer months. If you prefer the trail less traveled, try one of these Provincetown beauties.



Snail Road: Park on Route 6 at end of Snail Road

Less than 20 minutes from our Wellfleet hotel is the so-called Snail Road trail. At 2.3 miles over soft-sand trails that traverse steep dunes, this hike is not for the faint of heart. Seriously; it's a tough haul. But it's gorgeous. Even if you don't make it out to the deliciously deserted beach, hiking this trail is still a worthwhile endeavor. Climb to the top of a dune and take in the stunning views and you’ll begin to understand why both John Muir and Henry David Thoreau were so enamored of the untamed vistas at “land’s end.”


Hatches Harbor: Park on Province Lands Road (sand lot on left past Herring Cove Beach)

This out-and-back trail is a mile longer than the Snail Road trail, but a much easier walk. In fact, the fire road out to Hatches Harbor is probably one of our favorite walks on the Cape. Shhh...don't tell anyone. A well-packed sand trail takes you over a dyke between tidal pools and across the dunes. Time your hike for low tide and you can make it all the way out to Race Point Lighthouse and Hatches Harbor. Race Point Lighthouse is available for overnight stays. We have found that the renters tend to be quite eager to offer impromptu lighthouse tours. If they offer, by all means, go for it! Should the tide take you surprise, no biggie; take off your shoes and wade your way back.


All this hiking likely has you feeling hungry. As luck would have it, you will drive right by Mac’s Fish House on Shank Painter Road as you head back to Endless Coast. Their tuna poke is to die for.

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