Our Sister Has a New Name — Endless Dunes

In October, we introduced our new sister property in Eastham and invited you to help us rename the motel. Now in the midst of a room renovation and furniture upgrade similar to ours 3 years ago, we are thrilled to welcome Endless Dunes!

We held a naming contest and received more than 500 entries. Of those, three people submitted "Endless Dunes" as a true "sister" name to ours:

  1. Christine Nolan (shown on the left above) has been a fan of the Cape for decades, visiting every summer. She says the name came from playing around with sounds and words. "I write poems for friends and family…and like to play around with sounds and words to create a kind of verbal music or harmony. I had fun creating a list of possibilities that had a pleasing sound to me, and that also connected to the Endless Coast name." 
  2.  Michele Rufo (in the center with kids) stayed at Endless Coast in our first year after renovation and rebranding and simply thought that Endless Dunes was a good name fit for a sister property. "This is so exciting! We stayed with you the first year and loved it. I’m beyond thrilled and can’t wait to come back!"
  3. Jennifer Seaman (on the right with pup) has been vacationing on the Cape with family, friends, and her pup, since she was in high school, well over 30 years ago. She says she came up with the name while sitting in an "endless" Microsoft Teams meeting. "Thanks for keeping me occupied," she joked. "I’m very excited to experience Endless Dunes! One of my favorite parts of the Cape is even after all the years, I’m still finding new places to explore. Plus, visiting old favorites that feel like coming home." 

This sister property is lucky enough to be one of the closest accommodations to the Salt Pond visitors center and Coast Guard beach. From there, the endless dunes of the seashore stretch north — all the way to the tip of the Outer Cape.

These three took this special location into account when they submitted the name "Endless Dunes." We are working with that new name as we publish this post and will premier the motel's new logo and brand design early in the new year. We'll keep you updated!

As always, thank you for your support of Endless Coast and our new sister motel.


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