Spy a Spyhopping Whale While Whale Watching on Cape Cod

Staring straight into the eye of a great leviathan is the holy grail of whale watching in Cape Cod. A slap of a powerful fluke or a perfect arcing breach may thrill the crowds, but for a real exhilarating experience—it’s all about spyhopping.

Whales and dolphins spyhop for long periods of time, up to 30 seconds. During this time, they don't move their tail or flukes to remain upright. They hold themselves vertically out of the water using pectoral flippers to keep afloat, similar to a people treading water with their arms. 

Most oceanographers say spyhopping simply lets the animals get a better view of activity near the water's surface. A behavior biologically tied to searching for food, it’s evolved into something else entirely in the modern age of whale watching in Cape Cod. They’re simply checking us out—and what could be better than a 50-foot creature looking at you in amazement while you’re doing the exact same thing?

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Communing with whales (and dolphins) is a transformative experience that everyone should try at least once. And the only way to get truly up close and personal is from a whale watch boat. Trips out of nearby Provincetown last 3-4 hours. Most of these trips feature experienced naturalists who serve as interpretive guides. On each journey you’ll  learn about the ecology and natural history of Cape Cod and Massachusetts Bays. While the emphasis is on whales, these naturalists cover other marine life and marine birds passengers are likely to see.

And although seeing a whale spyhop (or even seeing a whale at all) is not guaranteed, the possibility is tantalizing. Imagine picking out every barnacle on a snout or getting wet from a spout. 

You can’t even come close if you stay on dry land. 


Local Whale Watching Tours

Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

Website: https://whalewatch.com/ 

Phone: 508-240-3636  


Sea Salt Charters

Website: https://www.seasaltcharters.com/

Phone: 508-444-2732


Alpha Whale Watch

Website: http://www.alphawhalewatch.com/

Phone: 508-221-5920


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