Hike the Dunes Shack Trail in Provincetown

Uncover the past and connect to the shifting sands of the Cape. Hike along the Dunes Shack Trail in Provincetown. Because, dotted with 19 writer/artists shacks made from driftwood and the wreckage of unfortunate ships, the dunes are a living piece of history.

Located an 18-minute drive from your Endless Coast hotel guest room, the two-mile Dunes Shack Trail leads you through beachgrass and brush. So, enjoy a tramp up and down dunes. Take in the view along the landscape once described by Henry David Thoreau as "barren and desolate." But, you'll notice, the stark beauty is the exactly point. And, it has inspired writers, artists, and photographers for nearly a century. 

The Dunes Shack Trail Makes For Fabulous Photos

Most important, don't forget your camera!  You'll love documenting the ramshackle dwellings, magnificent views, and, yes, the endless coastline of this sandy journey back through time.

Perched on the edge of the continent, the shacks are only a few miles from where the Pilgrims first landed in 1620. These fascinating shacks have no electricity or running water. Residents or visitors must bring in all food and supplies. Some shacks are available to artists on a three-week residency through an organized lottery

Writers, like Eugene O’Neill, were the earliest settlers.  Jack Kerouac created part of On The Road here in 1950.  Although many of the shacks are now deserted, some are summer dwellings for local, long-time owners. 

View this insightful video for a tour of "Frenchie's shack." Frenchie was a former gypsy and broadway showgirl who made her home on the desolate dunes. Now owned by artist Romolo, the video explains life as a dune dweller. 





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